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In this half day interactive workshop participants will learn about the different investment mechanisms. You will understand the differences between various share types and how they will impact a founders exit value.


Do you know the difference between a preference share and ordinary share? Do you understand dilution and its impact? Do you understand the differences between VC's and their motivations and those of Angels and EI? All this will be covered by Síofra Flood in this must attend workshop for any company who is considering raising finance. 


Topics will include:

  • Aligning Founder Motivations

  • Sources of Capital

  • Managing Your Cap Table at Early Stage

  • How VCs Make Money/Return Expectations

  • The Impact of Different Share Classes

  • The Basics of Enterprise Ireland Investments

  • VCs vs Angel Investors

Presented by Síofra Flood

Síofra started her career at IONA Technologies PLC in 1995, as the company's first in-house counsel 2-years prior to IONA's IPO on Nasdaq in 1997.


In 2002, Síofra moved to Havok, then a company of about 20 people, took the role of corporate counsel and was centrally involved it all of Havok’s VC investments as well as in its exit to Intel for US$110M in 2007.  After consulting for 3-years for 25+ early and mid-stage tech companies, Síofra then joined Swrve as COO, taking on a broader role, including finance, HR and operations. She is currently General Counsel and Executive Adviser at nearForm Limited. Síofra is the author of the Frontline Startup Manual and also gives workshops on various startup-related topics for programmes such as Female High Flyers, UStart and New Frontiers.

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Wednesday 4th March / 2:00pm - 5:00pm (Registration & Netowrking 1:30pm) / Clayton Hotel, Leopardstown / €10

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