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Southside Partnership Workshop - Business Idea Generation

Are you unemployed and living in Dún Laoghaire Rathdown? Would you like to know more about becoming self-employed?

This workshop will facilitate participants to look at their work experience, hobbies, skills and interests and identify possible opportunities for self-employment. It will help learners develop confidence and highlight creative thinking techniques that can be used outside of the training context.

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The workshop is being deliverd by Maeve Finch of Total Focus (, an organisational behaviourist and learning and development expert harnessing the power of training, facilitating, coaching and mentoring since 2004.


Maeve started her business as a sole trader, then traded under the business name of Total Focus and now is a private company. 

Maeve delivers Start Your Own Business and other business related workshops for Local Partnerships, LEADER companies, Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) and regularly mentors in this area especially in the service sector and to small start-ups


Maeve’s workshops have both academic and practical elements. The practical elements are based on years of first-hand experience.

For more information and to arrange registration, please email Esther McGearty:

Monday 6th March / 10:00am - 1:00pm / Online / Free

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