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Southside Partnership Workshop - Introduction to Pricing

Are you unemployed and living in Dún Laoghaire Rathdown? Would you like to know more about becoming self-employed?

This workshop will introduce the decisions that go into setting your price, including relating pricing to marketing decisions, the difference between sales and income costs, and breakeven point.

This workshop is being delivered by Cosmo Mellon. Cosmo and his team have delivered two hundred online start your own business programmes since lockdown began. Since 2012 they have delivered hundreds of sessions on topics including marketing, digital marketing, taxation, sales etc. all designed to help small start-up businesses. 

Southside Partnership July 2012.jpg

While the team at TalentPool have stellar qualifications and huge experience in delivering high quality courses, the feedback that has been received over the years shows that it is their experience as serial entrepreneurs which participants respect and enthuses them to learn. Training participants quickly realise that the sessions are not delivered by non-practising academics but by leading business people who love creating new business.

This competence, as well as their comprehensive technical knowledge, combined with their enthusiasm for entrepreneurs has led their courses to be some of the most widely delivered business courses across the country.

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For more information and to arrange registration, please email Esther McGearty:

Thursday 9th March / 10:00am - 1:00pm / Online / Free

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